The 3 Ways to turn Financial Anxiety into Finally Achieving your Goals with Money
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Hosted By: Sara Arredondo, MS
I’m Sara Arredondo, MS, Financial Coach and founder of the Financial Abundance Method.

I help Health & Wellness Pros, Visionaries, and Creatives get clear and organized with their finances so they can stop stressing about money, reach their financial goals, and live their most joy-filled, empowered life. ✨

In the last financial crisis 10 years ago, I was working in the mental health field and struggling financially when I had a big a-ha moment. I realized that if I wanted to embrace abundance and really learn how to have money in my life, I'd need to learn how to orient to it in a completely different way, both practically and in my relationship to it.

Making this shift allowed me to completely pay down my credit card debt, build an emergency savings, go from zero retirement savings to being on track for retirement, and find a calling as a Financial Wellness Coach. Join me for this powerful training, and I'll give you the secret recipe to success and exact steps I took to reach my goals with money.

Tuesday July 21st at 4:00 pm 
PST (7:00 pm EST)
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